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    Krsko – Maribor ,
    tip: maribor -1 @1.91 12bet ; 1.85 188bet
    stake: 4/10

    Pretty good relations between the clubs, Krsko’s main target is to avoid relegation, they are doing pretty ok with that till now. Maribor is again title candidate but start season bad and now they have to win vs smaller teams like Krsko, like i said they are in good relations, Maribor loaned lot of players to Krsko this and last season too. i dont expect Krsko to make problems to Maribor, that never happened in the past and i hope it wont happen today too.

    Krsko played on Tuesday cup game, they played on Extra time and Penalties, they are wasted a lot… Urbanc(mf 5/0), Haleta(mf 4/0), Moravac(mf 2/0) ad Baskera(att 4/1).

    Maribor is doing very well in last few rounds, they started showing good performance and now atmosphere in team is ok, only missing is Hotic(mf 5/0).